AAR: Raid On St. Nazaire – Turn 6

TURN 6: 0158

The searchlight beams now focus on the Old Town, the Normandie Dock, the Old Entrance and the Old Mole.

The Harbor Defense focuses on the only remaining boat, ML 268/Tillie. Despite engaging in evasive maneuvers, Tillie is sunk as it attempted to exit from the St. Nazaire area.

More lights turn on in the Western Reinforcement Zone, where the 705 Naval Flak Battalion is located. Clearly, the Germans are increasing their reaction to the British incursion. Quickly, they start closing in on the remaining commandos.

Pennington starts moving towards the swing bridge in the North, its primary target. However, it comes under flak gun fire and is then intercepted by a full Stosstruppen squad coming from the Normandie Dock. As Pennington opens fire, a searchlight quickly spots it and traps the commando team under its beam. This will make it easier for the Stosstruppen to successfully return fire. The Stosstruppen suffer light casualties. Their return fire, however, almost renders the Pennington team ineffective as a unit.

Barely escaping the defensive fire from the elevated flak tower, assault teams Newman and Moss abandon their positions at the Normandie Basin and start moving towards the Normandie Dock. They will try to assist Pennington but I doubt they will arrive on time.

Moss crosses the swing bridge just as Woodcock blows it up. Newman will have to find another way into the Normandie dock.



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