AAR: Raid on St. Nazaire – Turn 5

TURN 5: 0152

The 4 active searchlights switch their beams to the Old Town, the East Jetty, the Old Mole and the Old Entrance. Tillie and the landed commandos escape their beams.

With only one boat left in range, all guns fire on Tillie who is already on fire. Tillie’s crew suffers minor casualties but the boat also loses a gun. Tillie tries to take out one of the 20mm guns on the East Jetty but fails. The dockside guns focus on Tillie for devastating effect and crew casualties. Tillie is now left with a skeleton crew to man the boat.

TML 270/Irwin and ML 298/Nock slip through the English Channel undetected. They reach England with the surviving members of the Roy assault team and the Chant demolition team, and the Roderick Assault team and Brett demolition team – all of whom had been aboard the Campbeltown when it was sunk.

On fire, Tillie reaches the mouth of the Loire River.


The Stosstruppen keep appearing en masse. One small squad actually takes a position in the swing bridge that Swayne demolition team was planning to destroy next. More Strosstruppen join the fray in the Normandie Dock, U-Boat Pen and Western Reinforcement zone.

Swayne demolition team enters the swing bridge, where they engage the Stosstruppen squad. Two Stosstruppen squads spot Swayne as it enters the swing bridge. They fall behind the demolition team which is now being flanked. Swayne team quickly disposes the small Stosstruppen group in the swing bridge. However, they are no match for two full strength Stosstruppen squads. All members of the Swayne demolition team die fighting on the swing bridge.

2017-10-13 (1)

In the house, Pennington team kills the remaining Stosstruppen and are now ready to continue on their way to their primary target.

The elevated flak guns open on the Newman and Moss assault teams but are ineffective. The assault teams fire their mortars. They, too, are ineffective.

Woodcock readies its charges and is ready to attempt to blow up the swing gate.

2017-10-13 (2).png

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