AAR: Raid On St. Nazaire – Turn 4

TURN 4: 0146

The active searchlights now focus in the Old Mole, Old Entrance and Old Town. The commandos in the Old Town and the boats in the Old Mole manage to escape detection from their light beams. Sperrbrechen 137 repairs its remaining gun and the harbor defense opens again on the remaining eight boats.

Already on fire, ML 457/Collier is hit again. The boat explodes, lighting the East Jetty in yellow/orange light. No survivors, not even from the Walton demolition team.

ML 267/Beart commences evasive maneuvers but is hit and loses about half of its remaining crew. The second time Beart is hit more crew goes down. Left with a skeleton crew, Beart decides to head back to England. The third hit kills the remaining crew and sends the boat to a watery grave.

ML 268/Tillie does not fare any better. First hit kills crew, destroys a gun and sets the boat on fire.

The remaining six ships return fire. Again, ineffective. The defensive fire continues. With the 20mm gun in the Sperrbrechen 137 repaired, things can only get worse for the commandos.

TML 156/Fenton is hit in the Avant Port area and goes down, no survivors. The Swayne demolition team will have to try to escape into the French country side and attempt to reach neutral Spain.

Sperrbrecher 137 focuses its guns on ML 262/Burt and sinks it with one barrage.

TML 270/Irwin and ML 298/Nock reach the open sea. However, they still risk detection by destroyers, submarines and airplanes as they cross the English Channel.

ML 268/Tillie decides to retreat to England and sails towards the East Jetty. The landed commandos now have no way to return home.

2017-10-12 (3)

Shit has hit the fan. Seven Stosstruppen squads ready up and move towards the 5 commando teams. One of the squads is in a house, close to the Swayne team. However, it does not spot the commandos. Another squad appears in the U-Boat Pen area; two in the northern reinforcement zone, where the 4 Works Co. is at; two in the western reinforcement zone, where the 705 Naval Flak Battalion is; and one in the northern reinforcement zone, where the 2 Words Company is at.

Pennington team crosses into the Normandie Dock, where they attempt to hide from the Strosstruppen squad that was coming towards them.

Moss team catches up with Newman team. Together they move towards the St. Nazaire Basin. Once there, they separate and set up their mortars to fire at the elevated flak tower by the U-Boat Pen. Flak guns fire at them as they run for cover and set up their mortars. Both teams are unscathed by the fire, they fire their mortars. They both miss.

In a bold move, the Strosstruppen squad enters the house where Pennington team was hiding. Small arms fire and hand to hand combat ensues. As the soldiers move from room to room and floor to floor, firing, weaving and dodging, the Strosstruppen squad suffers moderate casualties. Swayne team remains unscathed, except for the commando that was wounded in the motor launch on the way to the landing zone.

2017-10-12 (4)

Woodcock team seems to have problems with its demolition charges and cannot set them.

The Swayne demolition team destroys the swing bridge. The team still has two demolition charges left. It will attempt to destroy the lock gates adjacent to the swing bridge before heading into the French countryside.

2017-10-12 (5)

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