2016 UK Expo Award Winners

UK Games Expo AwardsThe Expo Awards were developed and introduced at UK Games Expo in 2007 to recognize the achievement of manufacturers and publishers in a variety of game genres. The winner in each category is determined by a combined system of a public vote and the opinion of a Panel of Judges.

Board Games: Isle of Skye – Mayfair Games

Board Games with Miniatures: Star Wars Rebellion – Fantasy Flight Games

Roleplaying GamesCall of Cthulhu 7th Edition – Chaosium

Family Games: Civilizations – Granna

Miniatures: Frostgrave – Osprey Games

Strategic Card and Dice GamesOdin’s Ravens – Osprey Games

General Card GamesGames of Trains – Brain Games

General GamesTime Stories – Asmodee

Children’s Games: Icecool – Brain Games

Party Games: Codenames – Czech Games Edition

Abstract Games: Onitama – Arcane Wonders

Expansions: Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach – Asmodee

Accessories: Dice Tray – All Rolled Up

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