Star Wars: Armada – My First 400-Point Game, Part 1

Rebel freedomAbout two weeks ago, my good friend DevCross and I played our first 400-point Star Wars: Armada match. I played the Empire and he the Rebel scum. I decided to focus on heavy capital ships with few squadrons. DevCross decided to do the opposite and fielded a squadron heavy fleet, with pilots like Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and “Dutch” Vander, and several but smaller capital ships. Our fleet builds can be found here:

Empire: Test 1

Rebels: Dodo’s Last Stand

As the player with initiative, I selected Intel Sweep as the mission objective. Our setup ended up looking like this:

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At the end of round 1, the ships were just starting to get within range of each other but my flagship was able to pick up one of the 5 victory tokens for the Intel Sweep mission.

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Things started heating up in round 2. By the end of round 2, Rebel scum had destroyed my IG-88. Accurate x-wing and y-wing fire prevented IG-88 from using its defense ability. However, it got a few good hits on every single squadron that shot at it. My flagship had only 1 shield left in its front and starboard hulls. I was overconfident because I had Admiral Motti leading my fleet, which increases the hull value of my two ships by 3, but realized that I needed to make better use of my defense tokens in the following rounds or the X-wings would make me bleed.

Notice a big swatch of empty space right behind that squadron of x-wings and in front of my flagship? That is the space a CR90 Corellian Corvette leaves when it is destroyed in one round by the crossfire from two Imperial II-class star destroyers. My flagship did suffer 1 damage after it rammed that Corvette.

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Part Two Coming Soon!

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