‘Bed, Wed, Dead’ – A Game Of Dirty Decisions

bed wed dead boxJoining the trend for dirty-minded party games, IDW Games will publish Bed, Wed, Dead: A Game of Dirty Decisions, with a release date set for August.

Bed, Wed, Dead presents players with the names of famous individuals: celebrities, politicians, fictional characters, and so forth.  Rolling three dice generates three names from the list, and the roller must then choose one to spend the night with, one to marry, and one that they would want to see dead.  The other players, meanwhile, place bets on how the roller will answer to score points.

bed wed dead cards

The game comes with 300 “Dirty Decision” cards, plus 30 “Legacy” cards and 3 dice.  Due to the mature subject matter, it is recommended for ages 17 and up, and can be played by any number of people.  MSRP has not been announced.

Bed, Wed, Dead was created by Nate Murray, his second design for IDW after the Godfather card game released last year.

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