Histrio: Will Your Performance Satisfy The King?


It is that special time of year when the entire kingdom gathers at court for the Munificent Theatrical Festival. Acting troupes from all over the land will come together to perform plays of either light hearted comedy or soul wrenching tragedy. Will their performance win the favour of the King or will his fickle mood spell a flop?

In Histrio, you travel the land recruiting actors to join your troupe. Assemble the right team and you might earn enough money to pay for an entire year of shows. It’ll take careful planning and a little luck to out perform your competitors. The play is the thing in Histrio, and the world is your stage!

Histrio 2


48 Encounter cards, 22 Special Request cards, 40 Travel cards, 35 Wagons, 15 Managers, 1 board, 1 theatre, 80 plastic coins.


• Beautiful artwork plunges you into the world of Leonus XIV.

• Unique theatrical theme captures the feel of performing a play.

• Simple mechanics, games last less than an hour.

MSRP: $39.99


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