‘7 Ronin’ Coming To Your Table Top

Seven RoninGrey Fox Games will release its new samurai strategy game 7 Ronin.

A take on Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai classic, 7 Ronin pits a team of masterless samurai trying to defend a village from an attack by a group of ninjas.  In this asymmetrical battle, the ninja win by taking over half of the village, while the ronin can win by outlasting the ninja attack for eight rounds.  In each round, both players secretly deploy their forces at the same time, then combats are resolved.

7 Ronin was designed by Marek Mydel (Waste Knights) and Piotr Stankiewicz (Wiochmen 2) for 2 players, ages 12 and up.  The game plays in about half an hour.  MSRP is $29.99.

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