‘Star Trek: Ascendancy’ – Interstellar Conflict At Your Table

ST AscendancyLast summer, Gale Force 9 announced acquisition of a license to produce Star Trek board games. Following up on those news, Gale Force 9 has announced their plan to release this summer Star Trek: Ascendancy, a strategic board game of exploration, expansion and conflict.

Star Trek: Ascendancy draws on 50 years of Star Trek history. In the game, each player controls one of the great civilizations of the galaxy (United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire or the Romulan Star Empire). They will command starships, establish space lanes, construct star bases, discover interstellar phenomena, gather resources, and establish dominance in various star systems though diplomacy or war, as they venture from their home world to expand their civilization and influence in the galaxy.  To ensure re-playability (assuming this word actually exists), as each civilization enters a new star system, a random system disc will be drawn from the stack, leading to new locations in a random layout that is never the same twice.

The game includes more than 200 plastic miniatures and has discs representing more than 30 star systems. MSRP will be $100.00.



Gale Force 9 also announced that they will support the game later this year with two expansion sets representing the Cardassian Union and Ferengi Alliance.

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