Royals: Fourth Game Of The Dice Tower Essentials

RoyalsArcane Wonders announced that it will be publishing Royals. Royals is the fourth game in the The Dice Tower Essentials and the third one to be produced by Arcane Wonders. The first three games in The Dice Tower Essentials are Sheriff of Nottingham, City of Gears and OnitamaSheriff of Nottingham hit the markets in 2014. The other games are still in production.

Royals is a political strategy game in which 2 – 5 players each control a noble family vying for supremacy in Europe. Created by noted game designer Peter Hawes (Francis Drake, Triassic Terror), Royals requires that players strike a balance between political ploys which will advance other nobles, the use of intrigue and assassination, and deal-making between both allies and enemies. This is a fast-paced strategy game where planning is necessary to win, and backstabbing is a constant threat.

Royals will release in May. MSRP is $49.99.

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