Waaarriors… Come Out To Plaaay…

The WarriorsIn the early 80’s I saw a movie that made me want to move to New York and join a gang. I had to see it on HBO because I was too young to be allowed into a movie theater to watch an ‘R’ rate movie. That movie was 1979’s The Warriors.

In the movie, it is 1979 and Cyrus, the leader of Gramercy Riffs, the most powerful gang in New York, calls a midnight summit of all New York-area gangs, requesting they each send 9 unarmed representatives. The purpose of the summit is to propose a city-wide truce that will allow the gangs to control all of New York. Luther, leader of the Rogues, shoots Cyrus and frames Cleon, leader of the Warriors. Cleon is beaten down by the Gramercy Riffs and the movie is all about the remaining 8 Warriors trying to return to Coney Island while the other gangs and the police are after them.

The movie had a rough start because vandalism, violence and 3 murders were associated The Warriors pic 2with it. As it would be later explained, rival gang members would unknowingly go to the same movie theater to watch the movie, then all hell would break lose after the movie was over. The film, described by The New Yorker as “The Warriors is visual rock” would become a cult classic. President Ronald Reagan even called actor Michael Beck, the movie’s lead character and the Warchief for the Warriors, to tell him he had screened it at Camp David and enjoyed it.

The Warriors turf warEarlier this week, Silly Kid Games announced that it had entered into an agreement with Paramount Pictures to produce board games based on this cult classic. The first game is expected to be released on December 2016 and will be named The Warriors: Turf War. Expansions are expected to be released afterwards.

In The Warriors: Turf War, players take the role of gang leaders during the 1970’s in a New York City that is collapsing into violence and mayhem as outnumbered police struggle to control rising gang activity.  While the game commences with an uneasy truce among all the gangs, they are nonetheless ready to fight at any time. Each gang will have special abilities or advantages, and players must use them to expand their turf and protect it from other gangs, avoid the police, and fulfill the particular scenario’s rules and winning conditions.

The Warriors: Turf War will include 48 stand-up gang counters (each player will control multiple gang members within his gang) and 8 stand-up police counters, with spin down bases that players can use to track the characters’ hit points and rank.  Six to 10 various turfs to fight over, 110 cards, 16 dice, and a variety of game tokens round out the components.

MSRP is expected to be around $80. However, you can join the Kickstarter campaign for this game, which will start in March 2016.

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