The Dresden Files Coop Card Game Coming To Kickstarter

Dresden Files boxJim Butcher’s The Dresden Files novels have become an instant classic among young and more mature readers. Evil Hat Productions not only announced that they are working on The Dreseden Files Cooperative Card Game, but also released exclusive never before seen images of elements from the game.

The Dreseden Files Cooperative Game was designed by Eric B.Vogel (CambriaZeppelin Attack!). In the game, Players take on the role of Harry Dresden and his allies, and work together to take on cases from the best-selling novels. However, players do not have to follow the same approach as Harry’s. Instead, they are free to explore new and unique ways to overcome adversaries and try out random scenarios based on the Side JoDresden Files contentbs short story collection.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund this project is planned for early Spring 2016. Notwithstanding, Evil Hat is already working on expansions featuring more characters and scenarios from the novels.

The MSRP for the basic game will be $39.99 and its scenarios will be focused on the first five novels and their five major protagonists.

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