Yu-Gi-Oh! ‘Ultimate Duelist Series’ Launched This Weekend

Yu-Gi-Oh UDSKonami Digital Entertainment launched this weekend its new year-round Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS) tournament program. The first UDS Invitational tournament was held this weekend in Philadelphia.  The Winter Season will begin in October and run through January, with its invitational being held next February.

The year will be divided into a Summer Season and a Winter Season.  Participants collect “Ultimate Duelist Series Points” by playing in tournaments at Official Tournament Stores and at premier events.  Points are also awarded for participation in other existing organized play programs sponsored by Konami, including YCS and WCQ tournaments.  The UDS points can then be spent to participate in the Ultimate Duelist Invitational tournament held at the end of the season.  Exclusive prizes will also be awarded at UDS events.

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