Warhammer Quest – New Version Coming Soon

Warhammer QuestIn 1995, Games Workshop released Warhammer Quest, a hybrid board game and role-playing game in which a group of heroes would explore a series of dungeons, fighting monsters and gathering treasures.  The game quickly became a hit, producing many expansions, and 20 years later, used copies of the base game sell online for upwards of $300.

Now, Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new version of the classic dungeon-fighter Warhammer Quest, in the form of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, releasing later this year. Considering the thematic similarities between the original Warhammer Quest and FFG’s own Descent, it is no surprise that the design team decided to take the game in a completely different direction.

Like the original board game, players assume the role of heroes exploring a dungeon, fighting monsters, collecting treasures, and growing in power over the course of a campaign of linked adventures.  The new version is fully co-operative, with the players competing against the game’s card-driven “AI”. The game system uses using a combination of cards and custom dice to resolve exploration and combat.  Each character has its own unique set of action cards, giving each character a unique feel and style.

MSRP: $39.95

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