Star Wars RPG: Force & Destiny Core Rulebook And Game Masters Kit

SW RPG Force + DestinyAll around you the galaxy is rent apart by war. Imperial troops are everywhere: the marketplace, the cantina, even walking along rural roads. Traces of the Rebellion are everywhere as well: sudden shipments of expensive medical supplies, scorched debris from interplanetary dogfights, defiant graffiti covering government buildings. You are surrounded by tumult, but there is tumult within you as well. You have discovered that you can sense all the chaotic life around you and do remarkable, supposedly impossible things with the strength of your mind. Uncertain what to do with these uncanny abilities, you now look towards the future, the horizon, eager take up your yet unknown, but certainly remarkable, destiny.

In Force and Destiny, you and your companions play Force sensitive characters, gifted with rare powers and destined for incredible things.
No Jedi Order exists to guide you, so you must make your way on your own, making a difference where you can, playing a part in the Galactic Civil War if you choose, hunting out traces of other Force sensitives, and using the Force in all your endeavors.

The Force and Destiny Core Rulebook contains rules for character creation, detailed information about the Force and the Star Wars galaxy, new adversaries, a complete adventure, and everything that players and Game Masters need to enjoy epic, Force-themed adventures set in the Star Wars universe.

SW RPG Force + Destiny GM KitThe GM Kit contains a complete adventure (“Hidden Depths”) and a GM screen that makes it easy to reference copious amounts of useful information, such as weapons data and Critical Injury results. Expanded rules for Knight-level play are also included, making it easy for players to leap into their adventures with more fully developed talents and incredible Force powers.

Star Wars RPG Force & Destiny Core Rulebook MSRP: $59.95.

Star Wars RPG Force & Destiny Game Master’s Kit MSRP: $19.95.

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