Batman Fluxx

Batman FluxxThere’s a new Dynamic Duo in town! Looney Labs and Cryptozoic have teamed up to bring you a heroic new card game in the Fluxx line: Batman Fluxx! It’s action-packed with classic villains against Batman and his friends, not to mention all the other must-have bat-gear you’d expect from a melding of these two hobby favorites.

It’s game night in Gotham, and everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader is on the job. Crime is running amok and no one can win with villains on the table – so put on your utility belts and leap into the fray to help Batman and his friends clean things up! Featuring your favorite, iconic Batman heroes and rogue’s gallery, plus all-new mechanics that allow players to clean up Gotham by putting villains in Arkham Asylum, have fun with the Dynamic Duo & friends in the game that’s never the same twice! From camp to chaos, Batman Fluxx has something for every bat-fan!

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