Star Wars: Imperial Assault Large Box Expansion

SWIA LBox XPacFantasy Flight Games announced that Q4 should see the launch of a big box expansion for Star War: Imperial Assault. The new expansion Return to Hoth will include a new full length campaign, four new skirmish missions, and new rules for four player skirmish games. The box will also include 37 double-sided terrain tiles, 16 plastic figures (3 heroes, 6 Snowtroopers, 2 Wampas, 4 HK Assassin Droids, and a SC-2 Repulsor Tank), with new Agenda, Class, Deployment, Item, Mission, Supply, and 9 new Command cards.

The new heroes included in Return to Hoth are medical droid MHD-19, deadly marksman Loku Kanoloa, and deadly rebel operative Verena Talos.

Besides the large box expansion Return to Hoth, FFG will simultaneously release four character packs:

  • Leia Organa Ally Pack ($9.95)Return to Hoth 1
  • Echo Base Troopers Ally Pack ($12.95)
  • Danger Villain Pack ($9.95)
  • General Sorin Villain Pack ($9.95)

Besides cards and tokens, each pack will come with a new campaign side mission and two skirmish mission. The minis can be used instead of tokens in Return to Hoth, and the characters can also be used in skirmish mode.

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