One Night Ultimate Vampire To Hit Kickstarter

1 night ultimate vampire - KS starts Bezier Games has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for One Night Ultimate Vampire will open on August 3, 2015. One Night Ultimate Vampire is the prequel to the award-winning hidden role blockbuster original One Night Ultimate Werewolf and its sequel Daybreak.

One Night Ultimate Vampire will provide a dozen unique new roles, an engaging mechanic, and can be played as a standalone game or combined with the original game and its sequel Daybreak. This time, vampires have invaded the village, but before the usual nighttime hijinks occur, the sun goes down and vampires come out looking for someone to join their group.

Each copy of One Night Ultimate Vampire will 1 night ultimate vampire - rolesinclude 12 new roles printed on 12 thick, sturdy cardboard tiles; 12 tokens matching the 12 new roles; a new Doppelganger token that is for use earlier in the night than in previous games; 29 new marks;and 4 vote tracking tokens.

The free iOS and Android One Night app will be updated to include the new roles.

Special rules are included for games with all three teams (with as few as three players) for an intense battle of wits and deduction. Each team is pitted against the two others, with the possibility, of course, that one of those teams only exists in the center cards.

All backers will get early delivery. This means they should get their game and addons about 3 months before they are available in stores.

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