Top 10 M:TG – Magic Origins Cards Before And After The Pre-Release

MTG OriginsCore sets are traditionally known for having simplified cards in order to get new and beginning players into the game. Magic Origins is a special core set for Magic: The Gathering because it is the very last core set that will ever be printed by Wizards of the Coast. It appears that in this set Wizards of the Coast pulled out all the stops in an attempt at making sure that Magic Origins becomes a fan favorite.

The set also marks the entry of a new card that, technically, has never been seen before: legendary double-faced creatures that, when a  certain criteria is fulfilled, transform into planeswalkers. Magic: The Gathering players are eagerly looking for these cards to see how well they perform during game play.

Before the pre-release for Magic Origins the following cards stood out as the cards players were chasing after in this set:

Nissa Vastwood seer

  1. Nissa, Vastwood Seer ($20.00)
  2. Goblin Piledriver ($14.20)
  3. Liliana, Heretical Healer ($18.95)
  4. Languish ($5.97)
  5. Days Undoing ($16.62)
  6. Kytheon, Hero of Akros ($16.32)
  7. Archangel of Tithes ($15.52)
  8. Jace, Vryns Prodigy ($12.75)
  9. Harbinger of the Tides($4.52)
  10. Exquisite Firecraft ($3.15)

Two things are noteworthy in that list. First, only 4 of the new and unique planeswalker made it to the list: Nissa, Liliana, Jace and Kytheon. Noteworthy for her absence is planeswalker Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh. Second, Goblin Piledriver occupies the number 2 spot! While certainly powerful, this card is both a reprint and available as an alternate art promo.

After the pre-release, these became the most sought after cards (measured by dollar volume):

Goblin Piledriver

  1. Goblin Piledriver ($13.32)
  2. Nissa, Vastwood Seer ($25.91)
  3. Liliana, Heretical Healer ($21.45)
  4. Languish ($8.26)
  5. Jace, Vryns Prodigy ($12.72)
  6. Kytheon, Hero of Akros ($14.86)
  7. Archangel of Tithes ($13.59)
  8. Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh ($9.65)
  9. Evolutionary Leap ($4.78)
  10. Abbot of Keral Keep ($2.53)

According to ICv2’s Frank Lepore:

Our post pre-release list may contain the most movement we’ve ever seen after a Prerelease. Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh has thankfully made it onto the list, but three of our initial cards have been bumped off for Evolutionary Leap, Abbot of Keral Keep, and the aforementioned hot-headed planeswalker. Noticeably absent are Harbinger of the Tides, Exquisite Firecraft, and Day’s Undoing–a card honoring the highly sought after member of the Power 9, Timetwister. And if you thought Goblin Piledriver had a commanding showing in the second place slot, you’ll be surprised to find out that he has now jumped into the driver’s seat at first place.

In conclusion, Magic Origins looks like an impressive set that includes a ton of new and powerful options for every type of player. July 31 will see the beginning of the Pro Tour Magic Origins competition. That is where we will get to see which of these cards shines brightest in Standard Format.

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