Among The Stars: Revival

among the stars revivalSeptember should see the release of an expansion to Stronghold GamesAmong the Stars. Stronghold will also release a set of miniatures to be used with the game.

Among the Stars: Revival is a stand alone expansions to the Origins-Awards nominated Among the Stars. It introduces a number of new elements to the game, such as new two-player rules, 30 new locations in 90 new cards, spaceship tokens, and the new “Advisor” card for players to fight over. While Among the Stars: Revival can be played as a stand-alone expansion, any of the modules included in the game can be combined and played with the original Among the Stars.

The ATS-Miniature Pack is an addon product that includes 8 sculpted plastic busts that represent the leaders of the games’ 8 principal races. The Miniatures Pack is designed for use with any of the Among the Stars products. The plastic busts stand about 2″ tall each.

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