Mysterium – Soon To Arrive At The Gaming Pit!

MysteriumIn every town in pretty much every country in the world, a house can be found haunted by the spirit of a person who was murdered there. In Mysterium, a group of psychics will spend a week in such a haunted house. Throughout that week, the resident ghost will haunt the dreams of the psychics with clues trying to tell them what happened.

Described as a mix of Dixit and Clue, Mysterium is an asymmetric cooperative murder mystery game. One player plays the ghost while the remaining players are the psychics. Throughout 7 days and 6 nights, the ghost will give players clues in the form of cards that have ambiguous Dixit-esque pictures. Players then discuss their pictures and try to tie theMysterium 2m with other Dixit-esque clues on the table. If at the end of 7 weeks the psychics have not solved the mystery murder, they lose the game and the ghost is forever doomed to haunt the mansion.

Mysterium is a Polish game and is supposed to make it into the United States in October of 2015. The suggested M.S.R.P. is $49.99. Contact us here or at The Gaming Pit.

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